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And nevertheless, I would like to thank Mr Siew Sebastian ‘s wonderful arrangements to make this seminar a great success.

Mr Alex’s positive attitude and determination has deter his company to be the Top 5 largest Realtors in the country.

Thanks to my Brother Kah Seong Tan Danny for introducing his cousin, Mr Alex Lee, owner of Tech Realtors Properties Sdn Bhd to have a chance to speak there on 25th April, 2019 and 4th April 2019

I’m proud and honoured to speak there to inspire and motivate their agents.

I wish them all the best and in the near future, they will be the NUMBER 1!

May God bless Mr Alex and Tech Realtors Properties Sdn Bhd.

感謝我的兄弟Kah Seong Tan Danny介紹他的堂兄,Tech Realtors Properties Sdn Bhd的老闆Alex Lee先生有機會在那裡發言





願上帝保佑Alex先生和Tech Realtors Properties Sdn Bhd。

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