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Motivational Speaker

If your Company or School needs a motivational speaker to boost up the spirit of your staffs or students for not doing well in their jobs or studies. You can engage me to use my fighting spirit and my journey to Motivate and Inspire them to excel and in their jobs or studies.

Since 2007, I have spoken to 115 various corporate companies, schools, Churches and Online Motivational Speeches. I have spoken in TEDex too. You may download the PDF file of my profile at the link below

Download Leonard Chua Profile

如果您的公司想要激發員工們的士氣,或學校想要激發學生們專注於學業;您們的公司或學校可以透過我所經歷的挑戰和精神來激勵他們,激發他們的鬥志為自己的業積和學習而努力而奮鬥,給自己一個機會來改變和進步。 自2007年,我曾經為115家公司,學校,教會和在線上做激勵演講,我也曾經在TEDex平台演講。

以下👇 是我個人的資材,您們可以在下面的鏈接下載此PDF文件

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